Jupiter photos

Success! Of a sort, with the S100 camera clamped to the eyepiece. A photo of Jupiter where you can make out some of the cloud structure. Also a crappy blurred photo of the moon system.

Disappointing; these images are worse than what I can see with my eye. My whole interest is long exposures where the camera sees more than I can see myself. But Jupiter is so bright it’s not necessary to do a long exposure. And without a tracking mount and a better optical setup, I’m not sure I’ll do much better than this.

Focus was still difficult. Also exposure was remarkably hard to do in the camera; the live preview was pretty helpful but really have to examine the photos. And developing the images in Lightroom requires some finesse, this may be the first time I really wanted all of Photoshop’s controls instead of the simplified Lightroom system. A medium contrast tone curve was the biggest help, also boosting shadows.

I should add this is my first real observation of the Great Red Spot. Not a clear image below, but I could definitely see it in the photos.