More bad photos

Some disappointing results with the S100; photographing Jupiter’s moons, Pleiades, and the Orion Nebula. The last one turned out at least a little interesting; more light than I can see with my eye. But still. Things I’ve learned:

  • The stock S100 is not well suited for astrophotography. In particular the stupid software limits you to 15″ exposures, and slower than 1″ you’re stuck at ISO 80. WTF? 1″ and ISO 6400 was what I used for most of these images.  CHDK may fix the stupid exposure software problem.
  • Manual focus is very difficult on the live preview screen. In general the focus on astrophotos is terribly fiddly.
  • It’s not much fun taking pictures this way. Too much fiddling with tech, not enough enjoying the view of the stars. Also staring at bright camera screen instead of peering into the depths is not awesome.
  • 10″ exposures without a star tracking mount don’t really work.

All in all this is disappointing, I feel like the camera got in the way rather than making this fun.