Stacked photos of Jupiter

I tried an experiment stacking multiple S100 photographs to make one high quality image. Unfortunately the software that everyone recommends for this, Registax, is Windows only. So I used Lynkeos instead. The docs are good but it’s a bit fiddly. Basically you load a lot of images, identify the chunk of all the images that might possibly contain your object, then do align / analyze / stack. Then fiddle with the processing parameters to get a clearer image. I found the most valuable things to muck with were overall gamma and the Wavelets (particularly #2 and #3).

The result is not awesome. I think part of my problem is I’m working with only about 8 images, still photos from the S100 with interval photography taken every 2 seconds or so. This stacking technique is mostly applied to webcam images with 30+fps and I think is intended for hundreds of photos. The S100 can shoot movies too but I can’t figure out how to change the exposure, the automatic program is way overexposed. Anyway the final images are better than any individual but still pretty crappy. Too bad.