Stack fail

I took a stab at stacking images of Jupiter using a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema I had lying around. Total failure; partly because Mac software is so limited, partly because of the optical difficulty.

Mac software.. So the only webcam capture app I can even find is fucking Photo Booth. And it’s limited to 480p; the camera is 720p, maybe 1080p. And it has zero controls for exposure, etc. The $8 Webcam Settings¬†program did give me control over camera exposure and focus, but no digital zoom to fake out the Photo Booth limitations. So my pictures of Jupiter ended up being like 20×20 pixels and still overexposed, no detail to recover.

The optics are hard. I started with the 25mm Plossl, then put a 2x Barlow on it, all too tiny. Then I tried the 7.5mm Plossl but the barrel on that eyepiece is so short the little clamp thingy I have doesn’t really work. I tried just handholding and got some pictures but again, all still awful.

The gear I’m using is just not good enough. I really wish I had a tracking mount to do any photography at all. And some way to do proper afocal imaging without an eyepiece in the way.