More DSLR disasters

Such amazing night skies with the weather, I pointed my DSLR up. 28mm fixed lens, ISO 800, f/2.5, exposures of 10-30s. Nothing great came out of it (no surprise), but some photos on Flickr (lower res images below). I’m amazed at how big a difference having the moon up makes, even when it’s a very dry night and I’m shooting photographs 150° away from the moon.

This old Canon Rebel XT is probably past its prime, I bet I could get much better results with a newer sensor. I’m tempted to try my little pocket Canon S100 tonight; it’s a tiny sensor, but it’s new and good at low light and CMOS might do interesting things the old CCD won’t. Worth a try at least. I did at least solve the lens focus problem on the last two shots; I focussed on the edge of the moon! There’s nothing bright enough for the autofocus to grab onto without the moon though.

Wide angle shots of the night sky are not particularly interesting without context, I understand why all the arty shots involve something in the foreground like a picturesque barn or something.


Milky Way (with moon)
Orion (moon up)
Milky Way (no moon)