Saturn what I saw

The solar system has finally turned enough that it’s convenient to see Saturn at night. So I brought out the scope and got a really beautiful view around 10:30pm. Far enough from the moon that the light wasn’t too distracting, and so bright and full.

I could see the rings quite clearly, including the Cassini Division. No real discernable features on the planet, although it didn’t look uniform either. Titan was quite obvious. A bit of staring and I made out Dione, Rhea, and probably Tethys. They’re pretty close to the planet but clearly separate and all 9-11 magnitude.

Best view was in the fancy Ethos 8mm eyepiece; that wide FOV is really a joy. I swapped in the 7.5mm Plössl and it felt like it was a bit better magnification, but there’s not much point in bothering. And then the 25mm was just disappointing. I sure wish I had even more magnification for bright targets. I couldn’t find my Barlow.

Also got a peak at Mars which was just a red blob, although again not entirely uniform. And some fun views of the moon, I should get a filter and do that for real.